Over the years things change, but for the past two decades at Daphne High School one thing has remained the same.

His name is Joey Wolfe. Better known as JoJo or Mr.Trojan.

"He's a living legend around here,” said Josh Eddington, Daphne’s assistant baseball coach.

"I can't imagine. You expect Jojo to be here. The first thing he does is put is bag in the locker.

Then he comes up stairs looking for the schedule for the day. so I can’t imagine JoJo not being here,” said Kenny King, Daphne’s head football coach.

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JoJo’s official title is head team manager.

"He helps coaches stay on track, he helps our players stay on track in the class room," said Coach Eddington.

But his role is so much more than keeping track of the teams and getting ice cold water for the athletes.

"Jo is the spirit of the team for real. That gets us hyped up,” said Hamilton Baker, Daphne football player.

He is truly the heart and soul of Trojan nation.

Throughout the seasons JoJo has seen players come and go but his advice has stayed the same.

"They need to practice hard and work hard, win and have fun."

No matter win or lose, his spirits never fade.

"JoJo is a real fun spirit, I’ve never seen JoJo frown,” said Baker.

And at the end of the day, he wouldn’t change anything about the Trojan way.

Last week Jojo was inducted into the Baldwin County Varsity Coaches Association Hall of Fame.