It’s a popular Baldwin County beach spot for tourist and locals, but after decades of neglect, the road leading to it is in shambles. That will soon change thanks to a partnership between the state and county. What’s known as “No Name Road” near the entrance to Fort Morgan will soon have to be resurfaced with a public parking area.

“It was a little bit nerve-racking I guess. You know, my car sits awful low so I was kind of concerned about that,” said Texas tourist, Tracey Edwards.

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Edwards took her first trip to Fort Morgan Beach and wasn’t prepared for what she saw when she turned off the highway. No Name Road isn’t much of a road at all. Decades of being battered by hurricanes and other elements have taken a toll, leaving just patchy pavement. It hasn’t stopped folks from using it though, albeit carefully.

“I like coming here because if you go out by where the houses are more then it’s usually a little more crowded,” explained frequent beach visitor, Rebecca Harrison. “People can just walk straight from their house in.”

Owned by the Alabama Historical Commission, Baldwin County plans to enter into an agreement with it and ALDOT to re-pave No Name Road and maintain it. The new road would stretch 1,000 feet and be gated on the north end, accessible only to pedestrians and emergency vehicles. Twenty four parking spaces will also be added near the entrance.

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Old maps of Fort Morgan show the road being there as far back as 1864. That’s one of the reasons the road is being named after the man that did the original survey. The new name will be Burgoyne Road, after John Fox Burgoyne. He was Colonel Commandant of the Royal Engineers of the British Army.

“We know that Baldwin County has a lot of heritage here and a lot of history has occurred here since the seventeen hundreds, but it’s kind of neat to stumble on an old map of a road that we’re still using today and that we’ve got the opportunity to improve,” Baldwin County Commissioner, Tucker Dorsey said.

The project should come up for a vote of approval within the next month. The total cost is estimated at about $200,000. ALDOT has proposed to provide $120,000. Once the agreements are in place, it should take about three months to complete.

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