It must have looked inviting to a would-be burglar -- keys left in the register at the bar of downtown's Azalea Manor.

"It happened just after midnight. We still aren't sure how he made it into the back. Some people say he must have come over the gate... We really don't know because the back courtyard was locked. The glass was broken -- so we looked at the video and saw him there. We got it all on camera," said Virginia McKean, Azalea Manor.

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The suspect broke in through a back window -- gaining access to the bar area. He would wiggle every key trying to unlock the register with no luck.

"It was a little bit comical to see him the way he was trying to unlock the drawer and then he couldn't do it," said McKean.

He eventually takes out a screwdriver and begins prying it open.

"Of course there was no money in it," said McKean.

About two minutes into the surveillance video -- we get our first good look at the suspect. He looked straight up into a surveillance camera above the register.

He did manage to break the lock on a liquor cabinet before crawling around on the ground and setting off the alarm. With the alarm sounding off -- he realizes it's time to leave and makes his getaway the same way he came in.

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"It's a hard hit... We're already struggling to stay in business. It's bad when people try to come in and take what you have worked so hard to achieve," said McKean.

She filed a report with Mobile Police. They took fingerprints, but need your help to identify him.

"I just really hope and pray he does get apprehended just to save someone else because who knows somebody could have been in here working late at night alone or maybe the next place someone is... And you never know what happens when someone really gets spooked - they may do things they would normally not do," said McKean.

If you recognize the guy in the video -- MPD would love to hear from you. Give them a call at 251-208-1700.

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