FOX10 News is continuing to fight for transparency when it comes to how police officers handle day-to-day operations. Just this week, another police department chose to release controversial body camera footage to the public.

It's the most recent move in transparency in Baldwin County. Robertsdale Police posting body camera video to their Facebook page ofa rabid fox lunging at the officer and the officer fighting back.

Baldwin County Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack said the video was released for the public's safety because it shows how dangerous these animals can be.

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This isn't the first time Baldwin County authorities have chosen to release controversial police video.

This may, Fairhope Police and the Baldwin County District Attorney's Office released this to the public. 2017 body camera footage of the deadly shooting of Saunders Surber who went on a crime spree through town, then fled police with a gun in hand. At that time, Baldwin County District Attorney Bob Wilters had no issue with showing the public the video.

In 2017, Wilters said, "As soon as the grand jury has met and considered the totality of the investigation, and has reached a determination, at that point after the grand jury has reported its decision, the videos will be released at that time."

Sheriff Mack in 2017 said,"It's an accountability issue, that I think law enforcement needs to look at and deal with."

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Last year, Sheriff Mack also released body camera video of a deputy-involved shooting. The suspect, Jonathan Victor continued to approach deputies after repeated warnings to stand down.

Meanwhile, FOX10 News remains in a two-year ongoing lawsuit with the Mobile Police Department. The lawsuit began when then Police Chief James Barber refused to release the body camera video of a police officer pepper spraying a group of McGill seniors as they painted the cannon after a big football win.

James Barber said in 2017, "Imagine if we were required to just do public requests for video, for no other purpose other than entertainment, often times, then we'd be diverted a huge amount."

We are still waiting for the judge's decision on whether or not it will be released to the public. We'll keep you posted.

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