Two suspects are still on the run after bailing out of a stolen car in a neighborhood near Wolf Ridge Road.

The owner of the vehicle said she was devastated but happy she's got her car back. As for the alleged suspects, one is in custody. Not much luck for police with the other two, all they found was a shoe.

"I was standing on my front porch and two police cars come from that way and I didn't know really what was going on then I seen them chasing that car up in here," said Eric Jones, a neighbor who saw some of it happen.

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The car he's talking about was a white four-door Dodge crossover that belongs to Shelia Campbell-Glenn.

"I pray my car is still usable," said Glenn.

Glenn says her car was stolen Tuesday night. She woke up the next morning to find her driveway empty.

"We just couldn't imagine, who would've stolen my car out of my yard at night," she said.

It's unclear who actually stole the vehicle or what happened up until now but police say juveniles were found driving the vehicle Thursday. Neighbors on Lejeune court say it looked like a scene from a movie.

"Kind of spooked me for a minute," said Jones. "They both jumped out while they're still rolling. One went that way, crossed that fence, one went across my backyard, and I guess the third one, he looked like he was the youngest, the shortest one, he didn't get out of there in time."

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The two that got away led police on a chase through a wooded area behind the house they crashed in front of even bringing out K-9 officers. After a short search, officers came empty-handed, with the exception of a shoe. Neighbors say this is a problem with youth during the summer.

"They just need to find something better to do. Instead of stealing cars, go to camp, play basketball, go to the church, get in the choir, do anything other than taking somebody else's possessions," Jones added.

"Don't take something that do not belong to you. It was a hardship on me and my family and we were already going through hard times," Glenn said, referring to the juveniles.

It's unclear if the person taken into custody is facing any charges at this time.

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