Growing up in the Ndaw house meant one thing, you love soccer.

"Since I could walk. It's the only sport I’ve played,” said Iba Ndaw, AFC Mobile soccer player.

"I guess if you are from Senegal, it's natural to be in love with soccer,” said Barou Ndaw, AFC Mobile soccer player.

Another thing you could count on, the Ndaw brothers Iba and Barou were most likely together.

"We've done everything together since I could remember. We have always played together at home and on the streets, we've done everything together even until now,” said Iba.

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Everything including coming to America seven years ago and not knowing any English.

"Being here with him and knowing that we are both going through the same thing and he was always here and I was always here for him so it made things a lot better,” said Barou.

Always together, and always playing soccer.

Those two things along with a lot of hard work, have helped both the Ndaw brothers become starters for Mobile's premier soccer team, AFC Mobile.

"He makes me better; I make him better. Our relationship, we don't lie to each other. We always tell the truth to one another,” said Barou.

Barou, a goalie who recently kept the programs first ever clean sheet.

Iba, the second leading scorer on the team.

Even though most days they are motivating each other, there's always that sibling rivalry.

"He can't stop my penalty, no chance,” said Iba.

But at the end of the day, they will always be there for each other.

"We've been together through everything. He knows me the most and I know him the most and it's good to be on the field with him,” said Iba.

"We are very competitive and we fight a lot but he is my best friend, he is everything I guess,” said Barou.

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